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                        Turner is a North America-based, international construction services company and is a leading builder in diverse market segments.

                        Get to know us

                        Our people bring their technical knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness to the delivery of our construction services. Our expertise and value-added offerings support our clients throughout the lifespan of the construction process.

                        As the largest general contractor in the country, Turner is a leader in all major market segments, including healthcare, education, commercial, sports, aviation, pharmaceutical, retail and green building.

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                        Stay up to date with the latest news and insights from Turner. Learn from our industry experts sharing innovation, market insight and thought leadership.

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                        An awarding and fulfilling career awaits you at Turner! Join our team and build some of the most exciting and innovative projects around the world.

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                        Four Seasons Modernization

                        Four Seasons Modernization

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                        Additional Information

                        Thanks for your interest in Turner. Whether you are looking to start a project, get support, or just have a general question, we want to hear from you. Drop us a line and we will get back to you.

                        Turner Construction Company

                        66 Hudson Boulevard East

                        New York, NY 10001

                        (212) 229-6000 turner@tcco.com

                        Report issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Turner’s Confidential Reporting System

                        (888) 738-1924 https://turnerconstruction.ethicspoint.com

                        Before reaching out, please review our prequalification requirements.

                        Become a Subcontractor

                        Our leadership

                        Building the right environment where people can be at their best, be authentic, and are treated with dignity and respect.


                        Our Executive Officers are seasoned construction industry veterans who share a collective vision for quality and honesty. They use that vision to guide this global team to deliver best results for clients and communities.

                        Peter Davoren

                        Peter Davoren

                        Chairman, CEO & President

                        Peter was appointed President of Turner in 2003 and Chief Executive Officer in 2007.  
                        Under his leadership we have grown in important ways. We are expanding our presence in North America and key markets in Asia, Europe, and India, adopting emerging technologies, developing new client-facing services, advancing diversity and equity throughout our organization, and creating an ever-more inclusive environment in which our people can be at their best, be authentic, and be treated with respect and dignity. All of these have helped earn us recognition as a great place to work. 
                        Peter is dedicated to improving the economic viability of local- woman- and minority-owned small businesses and has overseen a continuous expansion of our work to build relationships with and create opportunities for these growing firms.  
                        He has also made a commitment to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption of our jobsite operations by 50 percent by 2030, which reduces the impact of our work on our neighbors, as well as the environment. 
                        Like his efforts to make us a better builder, neighbor, and partner, Peter’s leadership reaches beyond our organization. He serves as Chairman of the ACE Mentor Program, which helps strengthen the talent pipeline in the construction industry, and he is a member of the Business Roundtable, which helps us share our vision, values, and experience with other business leaders and amplify our voice to policy makers.

                        Christa Andresky

                        Christa Andresky

                        Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

                        Christa leads our Finance, Information Services, and Insurance Groups with responsibility for maintaining our strong balance sheet, providing strategic evaluations of growth opportunities, and creating value for stakeholders. As a member of our Senior Leadership Team, she also helps develop company-wide priorities and address key strategic business issues. 

                        Christa joined us in 2013 as Vice President and Controller, expanding her leadership with a promotion to Senior Vice President in 2017. She was named Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in 2021. 

                        Before working with us, Christa held several positions with Harman International, Inc., from operational internal auditor to Vice President and Corporate Controller responsible for fiscal leadership and cost management for the firm’s Lifestyle, Infotainment, and Professional divisions in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

                        Rosemarie Demonte

                        Rosemarie Demonte

                        Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Human Rights Officer

                        Rosemarie leads our Human Resources organization, advancing a culture of fairness, inclusion, equity, and accessibility. As a member of our Executive Leadership Team, which develops company-wide priorities and addresses key strategic business issues including nurturing a safe and caring work environment in which every employee is comfortable being authentic and has the support they need to seek challenges and achieve their goals. 
                        Rosemarie joined us in 2002 as National Director of Campus Recruiting. She was named Vice President and Director of Recruiting in 2008, and Vice President and Senior Human Resources Director in 2010. In 2015, she again expanded her leadership, with a promotion to Vice President of Talent Management. She was named Executive Vice President in 2021.

                        Pat Di Filippo

                        Pat Di Filippo

                        Executive Vice President

                        Pat is the senior leader responsible for our Northeast Region. He also manages our partial ownership of E.E. Cruz, a New York City-based heavy construction company. 
                        Pat began his career with Turner in 1984. He gained experience on a wide variety of projects and advanced quickly through roles of increasing responsibility, earning a promotion to Vice President and Regional Business Manager in 1998. He also served as Vice President and General Manager of our New Jersey office before leaving the New York region in 1993 for Texas. Pat was named Executive Vice President in 2005, returning to his New York roots and expanding his leadership. 
                        In addition to his organizational leadership, Pat serves on the board of several prominent, industry organizations, including the Building Trades Employers’ Association (BTEA), the Contractors’ Association of Greater New York (CAGNY), the New York City Construction Industry Safety Council, Daytop Advisory Committee, Non-Traditional Employment for Women and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

                        Michael Kuntz

                        Michael Kuntz

                        Executive Vice President

                        Mike leads our Global Development Group, which focuses on strategic growth in our core business, and expansion of our capabilities and services offerings across market segments. As a member of our Senior Leadership Team, he also helps develop company-wide priorities and address key strategic business issues. 

                        Mike joined Turner in 1987 as an assistant superintendent, quickly taking on more responsibility and gaining experience on a wide variety of projects before establishing and leading the company’s Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Group in 1995. He was promoted to Vice President three years later. 

                        In 2003, Mike was named Vice President and General Manager of our Philadelphia office, and in 2006 he was named Regional General Manager, with responsibility for our offices in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Maryland. He was named Senior Vice President in 2010, expanding his leadership to include oversight of our market segment groups and establishing a Global Sales Group. He again expanded his leadership in 2014, taking on operational responsibility for our West Coast operations. Mike was promoted to Executive Vice President in 2015.

                        Thomas Reilly

                        Thomas Reilly

                        Executive Vice President

                        Tom leads our Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Ohio regions, as well as our Federal Services group. As a member of our Senior Leadership Team, he also helps develop company-wide priorities and address key strategic business issues. 
                        Tom began his career with us in 1987, serving first as a field engineer and eventually leading the delivery of diverse projects—many of which have earned recognition for building excellence and sustainability. He was named Vice President in 2003, later expanding his leadership to serve as Vice President and General Manager of offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the Mid-Atlantic region, and Vice President and Operations Manager of our Federal Services group. He was named Executive Vice President in 2019. 
                        Known for his commitment to community service, Tom has been recognized for his engagement and dedication by NAIOP, and the Boy Scouts of America, Daytop. He is active in industry groups and community organizations including the Construction Industry Round Table, the Independent College Board, the Rutgers Civil and Environmental Engineering Department’s Industrial Advisory Board, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology Advisory Board.

                        Abrar Sheriff

                        Abrar Sheriff

                        Executive Vice President, and President & CEO, Turner International

                        Abrar leads Turner International and is the senior leader of our operations in Canada, as well as our West Coast, and Central regions of the United States. And, as a member of our Senior Leadership Team, he helps develop company-wide priorities and address key strategic business issues. 

                        Abrar joined our Kansas City office in 1997, serving in roles of increasing responsibility and gaining experience on a diverse portfolio of projects before moving to Texas to lead the Interiors Group in 2004. He was named Chief Operating Officer of Turner International in 2011 and was promoted to President and CEO of of Turner International in 2013.  

                        Abrar also oversees our national Marketing and Communications, Community and Citizenship, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion teams which are focused on creating and sustaining positive cultural change within our organization and across the communities in which we build.


                        Our global footprint is supported by our relationships in the local community. Our regional leadership live and work in your community and bring a deep understanding of local needs to every project.

                        Vincent Bartoli

                        Senior Vice President

                        Michael Doring

                        Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Turner International



                        John Gromos

                        Senior Vice President

                        Meaghan Hooper-Berdik

                        Senior Vice President & Regional General Manager

                        Chris Killian

                        Senior Vice President

                        Brian Mooney

                        Senior Vice President, Regional General Manager

                        Ohio (Cincinnati, Columbus) & Indiana

                        bmooney@tcco.com (614) 984-3000

                        Matthew Papenfus

                        Senior Vice President

                        Jodi Rennie

                        Senior Vice President

                        Pennsylvania & New Jersey

                        jrennie@tcco.com (412) 992-6391

                        David Robinson

                        Senior Vice President

                        Mid-Atlantic, Southeast

                        drobinson@tcco.com (786) 621-9150

                        Kyle Rooney

                        Senior Vice President


                        With deep industry knowledge and diverse functional experience, our department leadership team supports our core business in areas such as legal, finance, procurement, innovation, and community.

                        Richard Bach

                        Senior Vice President

                        Robert Barbera

                        Senior Vice President

                        Turner Engineering Group

                        rbarbera@tcco.com (212) 229-6401

                        James Barrett

                        Vice President

                        Chief Innovation Officer

                        jpbarrett@tcco.com (212) 229-6267

                        Patrick Blake

                        Senior Vice President

                        Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer

                        pblake@tcco.com (212) 229-6314

                        Mike Bruskin

                        Vice President

                        Chief Procurement Officer

                        mbruskin@tcco.com (203) 395-8979

                        Fuquan Collins

                        Vice President

                        Chief Diversity Officer


                        Peter Hamill

                        Senior Vice President

                        Shannon Hines

                        Senior Vice President

                        Self Perform Operations

                        shines@tcco.com (404) 504-2704

                        Warren Kudman

                        Senior Vice President

                        Chief Information & Communications Officer

                        wkudman@tcco.com (212) 229-6340

                        Lars Leitner

                        Senior Vice President

                        Chief Strategy Officer

                        lleitner@tcco.com (212) 229-6052

                        Charles Murphy

                        Senior Vice President

                        Rodney Pope

                        Senior Vice President

                        Employee Relations

                        rpope@tcco.com (212) 229-6471

                        Greg Smith

                        Vice President

                        Stephen Spaulding

                        Vice President

                        Chief EHS Officer


                        Paul Wypasek

                        Vice President

                        Chief Learning Officer

                        pwypasek@tcco.com (212) 229-6217

                        Segment Leadership

                        Whatever your specific industry need - healthcare to manufacturing to sports - our market segment leaders bring deep expertise to you wherever you are in the world.

                        Jerry Crawford

                        Vice President

                        Robert Goworek

                        Vice President

                        Pharmaceutical & BioTech

                        rgoworek@tcco.com (908) 705-6382

                        James Fraser

                        Senior Vice President

                        Aviation & Transportation

                        jmfraser@tcco.com (786) 621-9001

                        Benjamin Kaplan

                        Senior Vice President

                        Global Critical Facilities

                        bkaplan@tcco.com (914) 400-4452

                        Randy Keiser

                        Senior Vice President

                        Dewey Newton

                        Senior Vice President

                        Sports & Public Assembly

                        bnewton@tcco.com (816) 283-0555

                        Vice Presidents

                        Our Vice Presidents provide leadership in our day-to-day operations and implement our company's strategic vision.

                        Nino Adamo

                        Kavita Aildasani

                        Timothy Allison

                        Rich Alvarez

                        Brouck Amerga

                        Robert Baird

                        Joseph Barber

                        Nick Barker

                        William Barton

                        Sam Battaglia

                        Doug Beach

                        Michelle Bischoff

                        Larry Blackburn

                        Richard Blair

                        Ted Boeckerman

                        David Boes

                        Lawrence Boresen

                        Robert Bowen

                        Merrill Bowers

                        Junisa Brima

                        Derek Brown

                        Scott Bulera

                        Stephanie Burns

                        Robert Bursack

                        Scott Bustos

                        Joseph Byrne

                        Nigel Carter

                        Brad Carter

                        Boris Carvallo

                        Suzanne Castellano

                        David Cattle

                        Brian Chase

                        Vesna Conroy

                        Kevin Cooke

                        Douglas Cooper

                        Larry Costello

                        Daniel Cronin

                        Gregory Cuttell

                        Brent Davila

                        Andy Davis

                        Kirsten Deenik

                        Paul Denehy

                        Cindy DePrater

                        Graham Dewar

                        Carlo Di Silvestro

                        Beth DiBattista

                        Aaron Donahue

                        Thomas Dutchyshyn

                        Mary Edrehi

                        Charlie Egbert

                        Omur Ehliz

                        Rama Ekkad

                        Regina Fogarty

                        Jim Folgia

                        Suzanne Fuda

                        Sarah Garner

                        George Gaughan

                        Daniel Gemme

                        Julia Gisewite

                        Joe Glowacki

                        Eudad Gonzalez

                        John Grafrath

                        Frank Gramarossa

                        Darien Grant

                        Robert Grimes

                        Robert Gullickson

                        Daniel Harmon

                        Darin Hart

                        Andrew Heitmann

                        Dexter Hendricks

                        Bob Hennessey

                        Barbara Hewitt

                        Shane Hill

                        Sean Hilt

                        Karen Hogan

                        Jeremiah Hudson

                        Shari Hyman

                        Join Our Team

                        Our projects are well known. Our people set us apart. We inspire greatness. Join us to build a better future.

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